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3pressive strength of steel slag aggregate and artificial

PDF Properties of Concrete Manufactured Using Steel Slag

This paper aims to study experimentally the effect of partial replacement of coarse and fine aggregates by steel slag SS on the various strength and durability properties of concrete by using

IRJET- Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Steel

In general incorporation of steel slag coarse aggregate increases the mechanical properties of high-strength concretes may be due to the strength characteristics of steel slag and the stronger

Slag Concrete Article about Slag Concrete by The Free

Appli ions of Steel Slag Powder and Steel Slag Aggregate in Ultra-High Performance Concrete However there was a significant increasing trend observed in the case of 40% slag concrete containing 1.5% V.sub.f volume fraction of steel fibre reinforced concrete mixes.

Geopolymer Steel Slag Brick Scientific.Net

Steel slag waste is a by-product of steel mining industry. Effort to utilize the steel slag in concrete production has been failed due to its high contents of MgO which causes volumetric instability of the hardened concrete. Researchers also have failed to utilize the steel slag in the sub-base of road construction due to its low compaction ratio.

Materials Free Full-Text Artificial Intelligence

Geopolymer concrete GPC has been used as a partial replacement of Portland cement concrete PCC in various construction appli ions. In this paper two artificial intelligence approaches namely adaptive neuro fuzzy inference ANFIS and artificial neural network ANN were used to predict the compressive strength of GPC where coarse and fine waste steel slag were used as aggregates. The

Lightweight Concrete: Light weight aggregate concrete

Artificial aggregate: Brickbats: In the place of non-availability of natural aggregates or very costly available are Brickbats are used. The concrete made by brick bat aggregate is not exactly the light weight aggregate concrete but its weight is slightly less than normal-weight concrete.

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Steel Slag Aggregate

Shrinkage of steel slag exposed to a dry environment was similar to limestone aggregate. 1.5 OBJECTTIVES The objective of this research was to find combined aggregate gradations using Steel slag aggregate which will significantly reduce the amount of cement required by 10% to 15% without compromising concrete properties.

Combined Use of Natural and Artificial Slag Aggregates in

This study addresses properties of self-consolidating concrete SCC in which natural coarse aggregates had been substituted by artificial slag aggregates ASAs . For this 90% groundgranulated blast-furnace slag and 10% portland cement by weight were pelletized in a tilted pan through cold-bonded agglomeration process.

PDF Steel slag to improve the high strength of concrete

In this research ferro slag is used and M60 grade concrete of W/C ratio 0.28 was used respectively for the replacement of 0 to 100% coarse aggregate by ferro slag aggregate for find out the

Partial replacement of fine aggregate by steel slag and

Also 50% replacement gives better compressive strength. But 40% replacement is desirable and economical replacement of steel slag as compare to fine aggregate. Also 10% 20% and 30% replacement increases the strength as compare to 0% or no replacement. Table 11 Flexural strength of Steel Slag and Walnut Shell concrete Fig. 4 Flexural Strength

Steel Slag as a Substitute for Fine Aggregate in High

Steel slag Compressive Strength N/mm2 7 days 28 days 0 53 83 5 55 84 10 54 85 15 55 87 20 56 88 25 58 90 30 57 87 35 58 83 Fig 4. Compressive strength vs % of Steel Slag Fig 5. Cube with 0 % of steel slag after testing Fig 6. Cube with 100 % of steel slag after testing c FLEXURAL STRENGTH

Preparation microstructure and property of carbonated

The carbonated artificial steel slag aggregates owned bulk densities of 1230–1300 kg/m 3 and crushing values of 15.68–22.48%. 2 The carbonated artificial steel slag aggregate showed a very stable volume after the autoclaving test at an elevated temperature of 216 C.

Effect of Steel Slag and Portland Cement in the Rate of

It is concluded that the steel slag can be used as an activator of GGBS and the optimum composition of those materials was determined with a proposed parameter called “slag index.” The properties measured in blended OPC-GGBS-BOS mixes showed encouraging results to be used industrially.

Slag Aggregate - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

The study confirms the viability of producing steel-reinforced concrete with slag aggregate Arribas Vegas San-Jose and Manso 2014 . Other researchers Brand and Roesler 2015 also confirmed that steel slag aggregates in concrete can produce acceptable strength properties suitable freeze–thaw durability and exceptional fracture properties.

Preparation microstructure and property of carbonated

Carbonated artificial steel slag aggregates were prepared via carbonation. Calcium carbonates were the main binders in the artificial steel slag aggregates. The artificial steel slag aggregate had light weight and stable volume. Concrete with artificial aggregates gained compressive strength of 45.5 MPa at 28d

Use of steel slag in concrete mixtures

Steel slag aggregates are of an angular shape with a rough surface and have a high bulk specific gravity in comparison with gabbro. The five container bag aggregate received in five different particle sizes ranging from 0-2 mm to 15-23 mm.

Experimental Investigation Of Coarse Aggregate With Steel

concrete made by steel slag aggregates. The following size of slag available from JSW Steel Ltd0-4mm4-12mm12-20mm20-40mm and above 40mmCrushed granite aggregate with specific gravity of 2.77 and passing through 4.75 mm sieve and will be used for casting all specimens. Several investigations concluded that maximum size of coarse aggregate

Artificial Aggregate - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Aggregate may be egorized into natural aggregate such as sand gravel and crushed stone; and manufactured aggregate such as slag recycled concrete and artificial aggregates. The term granular is also used to refer to the particulate material that contains any types of aggregate that may contain up to 35% particles passing the 75 μm No


Key words: steel slag aggregate artificial sand OPC compressive strength coarse aggregate. INTRODUCTION Conventionally concrete is mixture of cement sand and aggregate. Properties of aggregate affect the durability and performance of concrete so aggregate is an essential component of concrete.

PDF Applicability of Steel Slag Aggregate for Artificial

Steel slag SS was used to replace natural aggregate NA in pervious concretes PCs and important properties of the concretes were investigated in this work. The replacement levels of SS were

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Preparation and mechanical properties of

concrete with copper slag the fine quartz sand aggregate content decreases from 750 kg/m 3 to 0 while the fine copper slag aggregate content of increases from 0 to 750 kg/m 3. For the fiber reinforced high performance concrete incorporating copper slag as fine aggregates the volume percentage of steel fiber is 2% as shown in Table 2. Table 2.

Prediction of compressive strength of concrete by neural networks

In the present work the 28-days compressive strength of recycled aggregate concrete is investigated through four artificial intelligence techniques based on a meta-heuristic search of socio


3.2. Steel Slag Aggregates Slag is a co-product of the iron and steel making process. The use of steel slag aggregates in concrete by replacing natural aggregates is a most promising concept. Steel slag aggregates are already being used as aggregates in asphalt paving road mixes due to their mechanical strength stiffness porosity wear resistance

Utilisation of steel slag as an aggregate in concrete

This paper aims to investigate the possibility of utilizing steel slags produced in Croatian plants as a concrete aggregate. Aggregate properties were determined on coarse slag fractions 4–8 8–16 and nbsp;mm according to the relevant European Standards. Considering the obtained results slags were specified in accordance with the classes as given in the main European standard for aggregates


Steel slag is a byproduct of steel making processes of steel industry. It and 39;s also one of the biggest industrial waste which is being produced worldwide in a huge quantity. This research deals with substantial replacement of natural aggregates and

Aggregates - general information - Euroslag

The use of slag aggregates from iron and steel production in construction dates back to the Romans who used crushed slag from the crude iron production of that time to build their roads. Nowadays slag is still used to build roads. However slag use is not limited to roads anymore but slag aggregates are widely used in all kinds of civil works.

Influence of Artificial Aggregates on the ITZ& 39;s

Artificial aggregates with different ratio of materials had a great effect on recycling concretes ITZ. The ITZ of recycling concrete prepared with 30% steel slag 50% furnace slag 20% fly ash had the smallest Ca/Si and much more C-S-H. the structure of ITZ was much denser and the microstructure was relatively better.

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