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cement clinker production free patents

Process and plant for cement clinker production - Cement Lime

22 18.06.2013 43 25.12.2013 57 Plant and process for cement clinker production including a meal preheating step performed in a pre-heating zone a calcination step in which the meal is brought to a temperature of approx. 800-850 C leading to substantial decomposition of the mineral constituents of the meal into their oxides and a sintering step in which the load is brought

Reducing Emissions From Cement and Steel Production

Reducing Emissions From Cement and Steel Production. steel industry to be entirely fossil fuel and carbon dioxide free in 20 years. cement production clinker concrete Global Cement

patent - Cement industry news from Global Cement

The patent addresses methods for increasing the efficiency of cement and mineral grinding by using sustainable materials. The patent relates to methods for improving the efficiency of grinding materials such as clinker and limestone using glycerol derived from biofuel production in combination with various grinding additives.

US5650005A - Process for high free lime content in cement

A source of free lime is introduced into a cooling zone of a cement kiln in an amount to elevate the free lime content to a content of 0.6 to 2.0% by weight. This addition is made without altering the normal or standard process operating parameters of the kiln for cement clinker production.

What is Cement Clinker? Composition Types and Uses - Civil

Its production has decreased in recent years because sulfate resistance can easily be obtained by using granulated blast furnace slag in cement production. Low Heat Clinker It contains 29% alite 54% belite 2% tricalcium aluminate and 15 % tetracalcium aluminoferrite with very little free lime.

US5572938A - Oxygen lancing for production of cement clinker

Oxygen is lanced into the main combustion reaction of a cement kiln to increase heat transfer to the clinker bed and to increase clinker production. Oxygen is separately lanced along the floor i.e. the lowest wall of the kiln to delay mixing with the flame to provide deep staging.

Power-saving method of production of the portland-cement clinker

The invention claimed in the patent relates to the field of industrial production of Portland cement clinker dry semi-dry wet and combined methods for disposal of industrial wastes-precipitation treatment facilities 1-11 .

US Patent for Plant for producing cement clinker with

A cement clinker production line is known from WO 200109548 adjacent to the calcinator of which a separate reactor is installed which is again filled from above with waste materials which are to be combusted in the reactor using tertiary air from the clinker cooler.

Cement Kiln - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

An important parameter in clinker production is free lime which is usually used to identify how the clinker is burnt 69 . The appropriate free lime level is useful to monitor the kiln process and to achieve considerable thermal energy savings 70 . Figure 9.15 shows the free lime data generated from the simulation. The result shows that only

Cemtech looks ahead on the road to cement industry

The increased use of cementitious materials such as fly ash and granulated blastfurnace slag is limited due to their finite supply which will lead to a higher use of pozzolans to reduce the clinker factor in cement plants. In terms of clinker and cement trade this will result in changing trade patterns. A substantial shift in clinker exports

Method of production of cement clinker

FIELD: the installation for production of cement clinker refers to construction equipment. SUBSTANCE: the installation for production of cement clinker includes a heater which has at least one last cyclone and at least one next to last cyclone which is successively connected with the last cyclone with the help of a gas channel and in which the gas is fed from the last cyclone a calcinator

US20030084823A1 - Method for cement clinker production using

A method for the production of cement clinker comprises the introduction of vitrified slag into the feedstock stream prior to the clinkering zone. The addition of vitrified slag can increase the clinker output rates and/or reduce the energy requirements for maintaining the kiln temperatures.

US6709510B1 - Process for using mill scale in cement clinker

US6709510B1 - Process for using mill scale in cement clinker production - Google Patents 2002-11-19 Priority to US10/299250 priority Critical patent/US6709510B1/en

Cement Production: From Clinker Production to the End Product

4. Cement production. The clinker is processed into different types of cement. Apart from gypsum and clinker various additives such as slag sand trass and fly ash are also ground up with them depending on the type of cement required. The MULTIDOS weighfeeder feeds material into the mill similar to the earlier feeding into the mill.

Raw mix for the production of sulphate-resistant portland

The present invention relates to the composition of the mix for the production of clinker sulfate-resistant Portland cement. Famous mix for the production of Portland cement containing in wt.%: the carbonate component 70-84% clay component 11-18% glandular Supplement 2-3% igneous rock augite 3-8% see SV 814922 CL is enough the

PDF Belite-Calciumsulfoaluminate-Ternesite BCT - A new

an additive in portland cement Patent Recent activities on the clinker formation and production at laboratory and industrial scale are reported. belite anhydrite and free lime. As shown

Shree Cement announces Chhattisgarh clinker unit plans

India: Shree Cement has announced that it plans to establish a US$135m clinker production unit in the state of Chhattisgarh. The company has said that the plant will become operational in mid-2022. The company has said that the plant will become operational in mid-2022.

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