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increasing economical efficiency in phosphate processing

Reusing effluent of flue gas desulfurization wastewater

The goals of this study were to investigate feasibility of reusing FGD effluent as a calcium source for P removal from P-rich wastewater. Results revealed that increasing the volumetric ratio between FGD effluent and P-rich wastewater achieved higher pH value and Ca/P ratio and thus enhanced P removal efficiency to 94.3% at the ratio of 40%.

Efficiency Definition of Efficiency by Oxford Dictionary on

‘The plan mostly includes the increase of energy efficiency and cuts in the amount of energy we use.’ ‘Many options that improve energy efficiency are available.’ ‘The announcement accompanied by proposals to achieve greater energy efficiency has delighted environmental campaigners.’

Bridging the Energy Efficiency Gap: Policy Insights from

In contrast several recent studies that use simulation analyses to examine the economic efficiency of CAFE standards in the context of behavioral failures find that these standards increase economic efficiency when there are sufficient behavioral failures Allcott Mullainathan and Taubinsky 2014; Parry Evans and Oates 2010 .

Reserves and Resources DC World Phosphate Rock

Vertical integration of phosphate rock mining and processing may be a necessary component to compete in the world phosphate fertilizer market when new deposits are developed. It must be stressed that this study contains a preliminary estimate of world reserves and resources.

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The Institute’s phosphate research activities involve studies supporting the phosphate-related mission of the Institute: improving the environment protecting public health and increasing mining and processing efficiency. FIPR Institute’s staff of biologists engineers and chemists support its mission.

Lack of reporting on phosphorus supply chain dangerous for

With an increase in food demand by 60% towards 2050 our food production system will need even more phosphate fertilizers. most of which come from the mining and processing of phosphate rock

Increasing Access to Materials Critical to the Clean Energy

This includes determining what materials will be important to the clean energy economy in the future creating new economically viable processing technology to extract rare earths from ores developing material substitutes that are readily available for American manufacturers and improving the efficiency of materials processing and manufacturing.

Efficiency and Cost of Economical Brain Functional Networks

These brain functional networks were small-world and economical in the sense of providing high global and local efficiency of parallel information processing for low connection cost. Efficiency was reduced disproportionately to cost in older people and the detrimental effects of age on efficiency were localised to frontal and temporal cortical

Pretreatments for enhancing clarifi ion efficiency of depth

The results obtained indi e that the use of pretreatment significantly improves the clarifi ion efficiency of depth filtration. Pretreatment options like poly ionic polymer‐I based flocculation resulted in a >5 fold reduction in filter area requirement as well as >6 fold reduction in HCDNA while retaining acceptable recovery of the IgG

Treatment and characterization of phosphorus from synthetic

The main objective of this study is treatment and characterization of phosphorus from synthetic wastewater using aluminum electrodes in the electrocoagulation process. EC experimental setups were designed and different parameters were optimized. The maximum amounts of phosphorus removal efficiencies were observed at pH 7. The phosphorus removal efficiency increases from 85.16 to 97.65% as the

Sustainable Use of Phosphorus - European Commission

and other contaminants that phosphate layers are becoming more physically difficult to access that more waste is being generated and that costs are increasing. At the same time the global demand for phosphorus is expected to increase - primarily due to an increasing demand for food from a growing world population. The increasing popularity

PDF Phosphate Recycling in the Phosphorus Industry

Therefore the substitution of phosphate rock by recovered P requires special attention for economic and safety aspects besides the recovery efficiency the concentration of P and the percentage

The Inefficiency of the Market Isn’t an Open Question The

In most areas of economics efficiency is defined in terms of how well markets allo e resources. If a given market allo es them in a way that leaves it impossible to increase the welfare of


Ozone can be generated on the food processing line which makes it economical. Novel appli ions utilize sintered porous metal diffusers in an ozone generating appli ion. Ozone contacting is directly affected by bubble size pattern and method of dispersion mixing efficiency contact time and liquid/gas volume mass ratios.

Use of phosphate rocks for sustainable agriculture

Use of phosphate rocks in industry and agriculture. Phosphate rock denotes the product obtained from the mining and subsequent metallurgical processing of P-bearing ores. In addition to the main phosphate-bearing mineral PR deposits also contain accessory or gangue minerals and impurities.

Swine Nutrtion Guide--Feed Processing

This may be a result of increasing the bulk density of the feed. However as energy costs increase the economics of pelleting swine feeds may be change. The increased diet cost must be offset by the improved feed efficiency or other productive measure of pigs fed the pelleted diet.

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers - USDA

Improvements in fertilizer use efficiency for phosphorus P also come from the plant capturing more of the P applied as fertilizer. Loss of P usually comes from decreased availability as soluble fertilizer P forms revert over time to much less soluble forms. All forms eventually revert to rock phosphate which was the original source for

Efficiency economics and environmental impli ions of

The large number of producers and employees in the industry resulted in a low economic efficiency. When comparing the economic efficiency in the mines and fertilizer plants in China with that in the USA Table 6 it was found that Chinese plants or mines had relatively low efficiency. The differences in production per employee and net sale

Efficiency performance of the world& 39;s leading corporations in

The development and increase of captive capacity for processing PR-M has potential benefits in terms of both economic and material-resource efficiency. For example production cost can be reduced by obviating the need to dry the PR-M product before its use or transport.

Exploring phosphorus fertilizers and fertilization strategies

Improvements in the formulation for higher efficiency can be achieved by increasing the phosphate rock surface area through preliminary grinding prior to formulation with PSB or organic acids and by addition of a carbon source glucose as a feedstock for the biosynthesis of gluconic acids by the formulated PSB.

Maximizing fertilizer use efficiency

technology with increasing use of energy inputs to sustain the higher yields now possible. The increase in grain production of over two and a half times in thirty years has been accompanied by and would not have been possible — from some 70000 tons in without the increase in fertilizer consumption 1950 to 5.3 million tons N P205 K20 today.

Increasing economic efficiency of flour production from grain

The calculations of the flour production efficiency showed that the processing of wheat will increase the volume of marketable products by 10.0 % barley – by 14.8 % oat – by 22.3 % in this regard the profitability of production of new high-yield types of flour will increase: wheat by 15 % barley – by 29.3 % oat – by 45.6%.

Fostering a sustainable use of phosphorus

Phosphorus is critical to food security ecosystem functioning and human activities. Urbanization and dietary changes and in particular industrial use of P for chemical fertilizer production

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